Letter from the Editor

Working from home isn’t easy. At Black Moth Radio, where we talk primarily about working from home, our tagline is “We make working from home work for you.” Of course, that’s quickly followed up with “Every day is bring your kid to work day.”

But…it’s not just parents who work from home. This magazine is dedicated to the work from home lifestyle. It’s about the ups, downs, ins, outs, and sideways motions that makes working from home an experience that affects the totality of our lives.

Yes, You Can Sit With Us!

If you think you want to work from home, that’s cool. We’re a good place for you, too. We hope to provide all sorts of useful (and sometimes relatively useless but funny) insights on working from home. So, yes, you CAN sit with us.

I truly hope you enjoy this online publication. If you’d like to pitch an idea, head on over to the contact page. We aren’t looking for any fiction and we can certainly send you a token payment if we decide we’d like to publish your work. You’ll also get a handy-dandy byline (which is great particularly if you’re looking to get started as a freelance writer and have practically no experience. There’s nothing like a good sample piece to showcase your abilities). We’ll also get some submission guidelines put together in the near future, too.

Oh, don’t forget to subscribe and to share the latest posts. Sharing is caring, after all…


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