Top Platforms to Help Keep Your Important Files Safe & Secured

Whether you work from home full time or part time, I’m pretty sure you have very important files on your PC and external storage drive that are directly related to the work you do.

Sometimes when I browse through the list of files on my PC, I get scared of losing any of them to a system crash, theft, or some undefined problem that causes my files (or my computer) to no longer work.

A few months ago, I lost some of the important files on my PC to system malfunction. I still quite cannot describe how the whole thing happened, but I remember searching through the other folders and even the recycling bin and never saw a single trace of my dear files. I think the computer engineer I took the PC to said it’s a crash. I didn’t have any backups of my files…

That was a serious lesson for me. I soon figured out ways to backup important files in such a way that system malfunction or theft  would not have a serious impact on my clients (or me).

If you haven’t yet been in my sorry shoes and you don’t yet have a plan to backup important files to the cloud, you might want to consider the following apps – in no particular order – that are designed to help you keep your files stored, saved, secured and accessible.

Google Drive

When you think Internet, you probably think of Google and their wide array of helpful services like Gmail, Google Adsense, and Google Maps. One more important app that Google provides to users is Google Drive. With this app, you can backup your files with 15GB of free storage. Considering the price, that’s a lot of space! They also provide paid accounts that give you more storage.

All you need to get started with is to have a functioning Gmail account, the Google Drive app (or access Google Drive from your computer), and then you’re good to go. Google Drive is super easy to use and makes it easy to retrieve your files anytime you need to get them back on your PC or any other device.


I became familiar with Dropbox when I first started looking for a way to backup my files. I didn’t want to experience anymore horrible situations where vital files would end up missing.

Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, client software, and file synchronization. It is probably the easiest app for cloud storage. If you are a freelancer like me, you’ll find Dropbox very helpful because it even allows you to share folders with your clients directly on the platform.

You get 2GB free storage when you open a Dropbox account. With a monthly subscription of around $10, you get as much as 1TB of storage. Also, you can get an increase on the free storage by inviting friends and colleagues to join the platform. Invites are sent out via email and if someone uses your link to sign up, you get extra storage for free. To get started with Dropbox, all you’ve got to do is head over to their website and create an account. There’s also the Dropbox app that makes it all easier as you use the platform.


IDrive prides itself as the most generous platform that backup all your devices into one account. IDrive has a free plan that gives you 5GB of storage without hassle. All you have to do is to sign up on the website. If you want more storage, you can opt in for a paid plan in the region of 1TB at $52.12 for the first year.

With IDrive, you can back up even your photos and contact. There’s also an option to automatically turn on backup.

There Are Lots of Cloud Providers That Can Help You Protect Your Files

Other essential cloud storage platforms that you might want to checkout include Onenote, Mega, NextCloud, Spideroak, Amazon Drive, Box, and Apple iCloud. Look around and find the best cloud provider to meet your needs so that your files are always protected!



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