Procrastination Slows You Down. Here’s How to Deal with It.

At some point in time, you have probably been involved in the well-known habit of procrastination. A recent study showed that one in five persons admit that their habitual procrastination has gotten so out of hand that they are no longer able to control it.

Procrastination Affects Everything

This same study revealed that the reported one in five are so used to procrastination and how it affects their jobs, relationship, and even their health and overall lifestyle. Without a doubt, many self-employed individuals experience a massive drop in their level of productivity due to their inability to make the decision not to procrastinate.

And it doesn’t just affect traditional business owners, either. While working from home has an avalanche of benefits, one very antagonistic and destructive habit to your success as a freelancer is procrastination.

When you’re a freelancer, the danger becomes significantly worse because your lack of action affects your very own bottom line. You’re the boss. You’re the service. You’re the product.  Everything you do (or don’t do) isn’t taking away from a multi-million dollar company. It’s taking away money from you.

Your procrastination may affect more than just the ultimate success of a project. As the situation deteriorates, procrastination eats away everything…until clients begin to question your competence.

Are you scared yet? If you procrastinate, you should be. If you’re just now starting your work-from-home journey, you may even be able to proactively resolve yourself to the fact that procrastination is extremely damaging and should be avoided.

In this post, you’ll learn four effective and simple ways you can use to attack and destroy procrastination so that you can protect your livelihood.

Decide Right Now That Procrastination Must Be Avoided

You have, at least once, decided to break a bad habit. You are also capable of deciding right now that you’ll avoid procrastination. It honestly takes a huge effort. You will be required to always stay conscious in your mind and actions so that you can stop whatever temptation that comes your way. This is important for big projects and for little ones. Refusing to procrastinate on little projects helps you build the habit of taking action whether you feel like it or not. However, if you can strongly make up your mind to not entertain procrastination, you are on your way of becoming more productive in your business.

Avoid Distractions

There are plenty of the times when we could have chosen to create content for clients or engage in other productive activities that were, instead, frittered away on activities that can only be tagged as ‘distractions.’ Sometimes, it is movies or sports (although playing sports and being active is also very important to your health and thus your ultimate productivity). As much as it is fantastic to have a social life, it is imperative that you set your priorities, avoid distractions, and get only the important tasks done without wasting time which could force you to procrastinate.

Another distraction to avoid involves the electronic devices we’ve all become so accustomed to having at our fingertips. Cell phones, social media sites, private messages, returning text messages…technology is designed to help, but it’s shackled many of us and steals away more time than we realize. Put your phone on vibrate and put it out of your site. Work for set periods without checking your phone, your social media, or your email. All of your notifications will be there later.

Create a To-Do List

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when there are lots of projects on the table that need your attention. One easy escape route is to move some of these tasks to the next day or week. (And, yes, there are times where a project may take you more than a day to complete. We’re not talking about more complex projects.) However, some of these tasks are equally important when compared with the tasks that aren’t put off. This means that you end up doing whatever tasks you are able to get your hands on and not necessarily deal with the most important ones.

Creating a to-do list is meant to make your life easier and very well organized. With a to-do list, you’ll be able to write out a master list of everything you must get done during the day. Then you can consider the capacity you have to get them done. It’s also important that you make a decision to stick with them. Always remember this quote by Lailah Gifty: “Each day, I will accomplish the things on my to-do-list!”

Have an Accountability Partner

When you agree to become accountable to another person, it becomes easier for you to be less and less prone to procrastination. A recent study revealed that many who used to procrastination in the past are less likely to engage in it if they share their plans for the day with someone so that their partner could check in to ensure that everything was going as planned.

To achieve success, you must be able to deal with procrastination. It is only when you do that you will be able to complete your tasks and experience a surge in your productivity level.

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