5 Ways You’re Screwing Up Meetings (And How You Can Fix It)

I’m sure I’m not alone when I express my disdain for meetings. I hated them when I worked in the corporate world. I’m still not a fan despite the fact I work for myself. Of course, the main difference now is that I have more control over when and why I agree to participate in a meeting. Meetings are supposed to be a helpful way … Continue reading 5 Ways You’re Screwing Up Meetings (And How You Can Fix It)

5 Problems Everyone Has with Working from Home – And How to Solve Them

Working from home can be a fantastic experience. It can give you more flexibility in terms of what you do with your time. It can also create several problems that most people never think about. Before you give up and begin to believe that working from home isn’t for you or that doing so is a pipe dream that no one can achieve, read over … Continue reading 5 Problems Everyone Has with Working from Home – And How to Solve Them

Side Gig, Business, or Job: How to Improve Productivity

We’ve become a society that praises ultimate productivity. In fact, the idea of improving productivity has become quite the rage. The problem is that most people confuse productivity with keeping busy. And busyness and productivity are NOT the same.

It’s great that you have the ability to plan ahead and develop intricate processes. There are times when those will be needed. There are just some projects you simply cannot screw up. You have to look at every possible option and ensure that things go as they should. Yet, that’s not every project.

In this article, we’re going to explore some easy to use tips that can truly help you improve productivity and move away from busyness.  Continue reading “Side Gig, Business, or Job: How to Improve Productivity”

Entrepreneur Spotlight: The Builders, LLC

Every month, Digital Workflow features an entrepreneur who is truly going out into the world and getting it done. For the month of October, we’ve chosen The Builders, LLC (a veteran owned and operated company located in Oklahoma). Owned by a husband and wife team (Chris and Jami) and a close family friend (Mike), the company strives to help make home modifications (and remodels!) for … Continue reading Entrepreneur Spotlight: The Builders, LLC

Free Downloadables: Quality Versus Quantity

One of the most common tips for growing an email list is to dangle a carrot in front of your audience. Something that they cannot access unless they sign up for your email list. The age old question is what should you create? Should you create more than one freebie? What does it really take to get that coveted email address for your list? Continue reading “Free Downloadables: Quality Versus Quantity”

Secrets to Email Marketing, Part II

If you missed part I (which discusses subject lines), click here

Alright, so now we’re going to focus on the good stuff – the body of the email. You know, the part where you try to get the people click the thing to do the thing…and hopefully not suffer from “cart abandonment” (which I’m using to represent them not doing whatever it is you want them to do on your site – buy something, sign up for your email list, whatever).

How easy would life be if we could just write:

  • “Heyo! I’m selling widgets at 15% off and you want to come and stock up right now!”
  • “I have a new online course that teaches you X. Sign up right now.”

Continue reading “Secrets to Email Marketing, Part II”