5 Problems Everyone Has with Working from Home – And How to Solve Them

Working from home can be a fantastic experience. It can give you more flexibility in terms of what you do with your time. It can also create several problems that most people never think about. Before you give up and begin to believe that working from home isn’t for you or that doing so is a pipe dream that no one can achieve, read over … Continue reading 5 Problems Everyone Has with Working from Home – And How to Solve Them

Creating Your Own Culture

Culture is the new employment buzzword. In a nutshell, it encompasses the type of environment people look for when they look for traditional employment. Studies have shown that Millennials, the current largest section of the workforce, want to work for someplace that provides them with more than a paycheck. They want to work somewhere that they enjoy and that makes a difference. A recent article published on Forbes.com discusses how many companies are changing how they do business in order to attract and keep top talent.

You’re thinking, “That’s nice, Robin…but what in the hell does this have to do with self-employment?”

I’ll tell you. It has everything to do with it. You’re both an employer and an employee. Your culture will make or break your experience when you work from home. Continue reading “Creating Your Own Culture”