Side Gig, Business, or Job: How to Improve Productivity

We’ve become a society that praises ultimate productivity. In fact, the idea of improving productivity has become quite the rage. The problem is that most people confuse productivity with keeping busy. And busyness and productivity are NOT the same.

It’s great that you have the ability to plan ahead and develop intricate processes. There are times when those will be needed. There are just some projects you simply cannot screw up. You have to look at every possible option and ensure that things go as they should. Yet, that’s not every project.

In this article, we’re going to explore some easy to use tips that can truly help you improve productivity and move away from busyness.  Continue reading “Side Gig, Business, or Job: How to Improve Productivity”

Secrets to Email Marketing, Part II

If you missed part I (which discusses subject lines), click here

Alright, so now we’re going to focus on the good stuff – the body of the email. You know, the part where you try to get the people click the thing to do the thing…and hopefully not suffer from “cart abandonment” (which I’m using to represent them not doing whatever it is you want them to do on your site – buy something, sign up for your email list, whatever).

How easy would life be if we could just write:

  • “Heyo! I’m selling widgets at 15% off and you want to come and stock up right now!”
  • “I have a new online course that teaches you X. Sign up right now.”

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3 Effective Ways to Keep up with Clients Despite Time Zones

Working from home comes with several benefits. You have no boss looking over your shoulder and giving your projects you hate. There is no colleague at work to pressure you into getting involved in activities that are questionable or just a waste of your time. You get to kiss the commute goodbye. There are plenty of benefits come with freelancing…and you can probably think of … Continue reading 3 Effective Ways to Keep up with Clients Despite Time Zones

4 Effective Time Management Techniques for Freelancers

I was relaxing on the couch some days ago while watching a video clip on my tablet about the importance of time management. It is probably not the first, neither is it going to be the last time that I would be watching or reading about this popular and important topic. However, much of the information I have come across has mainly focused on the … Continue reading 4 Effective Time Management Techniques for Freelancers

How to Create Stress-Free Content

If you’re in business, you need content. When I say content, it could be blog posts, articles, social media posts, brochures, web page copy, product descriptions…the list goes on and on. Even if you plan to advertise who you are and what you do via video or podcast, you’re going to need (yep, you guessed it) content. For many people, the idea of content creation … Continue reading How to Create Stress-Free Content

Top Platforms to Help Keep Your Important Files Safe & Secured

Whether you work from home full time or part time, I’m pretty sure you have very important files on your PC and external storage drive that are directly related to the work you do. Sometimes when I browse through the list of files on my PC, I get scared of losing any of them to a system crash, theft, or some undefined problem that causes … Continue reading Top Platforms to Help Keep Your Important Files Safe & Secured